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Recent Grants and Funding Obtained

Safety 1 Training has been very successful in acquiring grants for many local fire, police, and EMS organizations in the past few years. Whether it is grant writing, grant management, or grant assistance you are looking for, we can help your organization succeed in this volatile economic climate.
City of Easton EMS: 2009 AFG Grant: $38,000.00
City of Easton EMS: 2010 AFG Grant: $110,000.00
Fountain Hill: 2010 AFG Grant: $ 70,000.00
Fountain Hill: 2001-2010 OSFC Grant: $100,000.00 (total)
Police Department: 2009 Safe Schools Grant: $5,000.00
Police Department: 2008 Thermal Camera: $30,000.00
City of Easton EMS: 2008-Current OSFC Grant: $50,000.00
Police Department QRS: 2009-2010 Dept. of Health: $2,500.00
School District: 2009 Safe Schools Grant: Training: $2,500.00
US Coast Guard Auxiliary 2011: AED donation\grant (2 units)
Nancy Run Fire Department: 2010 OSFC Equipment Grant: $10,000.00
Emergency Management: 2010 Training grant for police, fire, school district staff. (National Fire Academy\FEMA).

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